‘Rob is an instructor who does not wear shoes’
-sterling praise from a former student

Geometric Robotics
I moonlighted as the head graduate student instructor for the Introduction to Robotics class at UC Berkeley for 2014-2015. As part of this course I cobbled together a set of slides, videos, and MATLAB code. Robotics is a very visual discipline, and I found that these tools helped myself and my students to have a clearer understanding of the materials covered in the course. Feel free to use the provided materials but please acknowledge the source!

  1. 01. Rotations, Translations, and Homogeneous Transforms
  2. 02. Forward Kinematics of Serial Chains
  3. 03. Product of Exponentials
  4. 04. Inverse Kinematics
  5. 05. Jacobians
  6. 06. Dynamics
  7. 07. Forces, Torques, and Wrenches
  8. 08. Parameter Identification
  9. 09. State Estimation
  10. 10. Control