I’m an aspiring noodle maker and prolific caffeine drinker. I occasionally build robots, exoskeletons, and human modelling software:2016-04-21 17.55.24 (1)

I am also likely looking for jobs/collaborators! Let me know if you are interested in working together, or if anything I’m doing sounds remotely interesting/useful.

Contact Me!
admin@robe_tthew.com (fill in the blank)

Robert P. Matthew PhD (Biomechanics, Robotics) , M.S. (Electrical Engineering), M.Eng. (Mechanical Engineering) 
Post Doctoral Scholar, HART Lab Manager,
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science,
Room 307, Cory Hall,
UC Berkeley,
Berkeley, CA, USA

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Affiliated Labs:
HART Lab (formerly Teleimmersion) @ UC Berkeley
MSC @ UC Berkeley